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Address: 15~16F, 124, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Bithumb Korea has emerged as the world’s No.1 exchange with high trading volume and has grown into the No.1 virtual asset exchange in the world since launching its services in 2014.
Bithumb has experienced the world’s best competitive edge and know-how regarding the establishment and operation of virtual asset trading and blockchain technology and plans on leading the future of digital financing platforms by bringing the world together.

High Trading Volume
Huge amount Trading Volume

Difficult for specific forces to manipulate the market, safe transactions can be made.

Protection System for Customer Asset
We provide the best protection system in the industry for our customers.

Abundance of Liquidity
You can buy and sell digital asset at the price you want.

Strong Financial Structure
We are the No.1 Trustworthy Exchange that you can trust and use.

24/7 Customer Service
We always try to solve customer’s complaints.

24/7 Security Monitoring
We protect our customer’s digital assets very safely.



4 Responses

  1. Complete slag, not a stock exchange. A bunch of passwords, an inconvenient interface, it’s almost impossible to sell or buy something, half of the currencies don’t work for withdrawals .. You can make money and not withdraw it normally if it’s an urgent matter. The support is working, but there is no money in style, but you hold on. Endless tech. work on new coins, there are no conclusions immediately, be careful with this exchange, check the information in advance before working with them.

  2. This exchange is suitable for beginners. There is no button for my open trades (you look for each open trade on your own according to the list and for which pair). Coins disappear from the account, Russian-speaking technical support does not work, their representatives will not help in the telegram. More like a scam exchange. For a beginner who wants to work out and drain his deposit, it will do. Commissions as on other major exchanges and the withdrawal threshold too (if it works at all). I do not recommend.

  3. Never trade on this exchange! You will not be able to withdraw your funds in fiat, for some coins commissions reach 50 percent, you will not be allowed to place a limit order three times higher than the price, restrictions apply. And if your deposit is 30-100 dollars, and you brought them there, you can say goodbye to them – all that remains for you is to open the terminal and admire them. If you try to withdraw them, you will get ripped off, plus you will get glitches in your terminal.

  4. Yes, it is possible to trade on this platform, but I would not go to it due to the fact that hacks often happen here, hackers attacked the exchange several times and stole clients’ money. Of course, the administration is trying to ensure safety, the safety of funds, but they often do not succeed. That’s why I wouldn’t invest in it. The exchange is Korean, they often have lawsuits or hacker attacks there, including Bithumb. One person said that about $3,200 was missing from his website. Excuse me, but I will stay away from such platforms. My funds are more expensive for me, I don’t want to experiment with this, there are other sites that are more reliable

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