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Address: Tuchlauben 7A, 1010 Wien, Austria

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About company:

Earn money everywhere with CapitalCR

With the mobile version of our platform you can earn money anytime and anywhere. Keep your finger on the pulse: instant information on closing deals, promotions and tournaments.

Do you want to earn money by trading on the stock exchange without risk?

To make a profit, there is no need to buy the asset itself. You just need to enter into the transaction, make the correct forecast, the price will rise or fall. The size of the price change is not necessary to determine – only the direction.

Suggest You to start with CapitalCR with the section “History and mission of the company.” If You decide to use the services of the company, be sure to thoroughly study the section ” Terms and agreements”. You can contact the specialists of the company or visit our office by finding the necessary information in the “Contacts” section.

We hope that Your cooperation with CapitalCR there will be long term and will make every effort to make the most of its best!



4 Responses

  1. Cattle office with which I did not even begin to cooperate, it’s for the best. I asked a number of questions in an online chat that interested me, and at some point they began to answer me in a very unethical way. The employee allowed himself to use an insult. \\\”Are you blind? All the information is on the website\\\” — they told me.

  2. He started cooperation with on a good note, until it came to money, or rather, to their withdrawal. At first, this office attracted me, they told me about chocolate conditions and stable and large earnings, which I can only get here. They explained this by the fact that they worked hard and made the most favorable conditions on the market. And I, a fool, like a schoolboy, fell for this nonsense. With noodles on my ears, I deposited $ 1,000, which in fact I put in the pocket of scammers. They did not lie about one thing, I was able to increase the capital by one and a half times, but I could not withdraw even half of the amount. The reason for this was the different \\\”problems\\\” that the brokerage firm created. They went out of their way just not to pay me money.

  3. Less than ten seconds have passed since I went to the official website of the company and noticed a flaw. I mean the negligence of the creators of the site. They offer users to use the Russian language, but bad luck, a full translation into Russian is not provided. Some sections or individual paragraphs/words on the Russian version of the site are written in English. It is worth adding that for the most part this applies to some advertising banners and news. I consider this company unprofessional and do not intend to work with it. Who knows where else they cheated and what could happen in cooperation with such lazy people.

  4. DIVORCE 100%. Contributed $950 money. Earned $1450. Tried to withdraw $500 first. They spent 2 days trying, as a result, they returned the money through a partial cancellation of the transaction. And now the balance of $ 950 is not allowed to be withdrawn. Then their payment aggregator blocked the withdrawal of funds to my card, send a bunch of pictures that the card is yours and that you deposited money from it. Offered through a bank transfer, there just came a refusal, without explaining the reason. So I can’t bring it out, so that I write wherever I write, everywhere under some kind of leftist reasons, refusal. DO NOT EXIT.

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