Website: https://mind-money.eu/

Phone: +357 25 755 337

Address: 13-15 Grigory Afxentiou Street I.D.E. Ioannou Building – Office 202 Mesa Yeidonia, CY-4003 Limassol, Cyprus

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Investing in global stock markets

Providing access to stocks, exchange-traded funds, bonds and investments in Pre-IPO and IPO in the markets of Europe, USA and the CIS.

Trust management of investment portfolio

Trust your investments to professional managers and get stable income. Open access to unique financial instruments and portfolio strategies with high profitability.

Invest in IPOs

Invest in companies about to go public. Buy new stocks at the initial public offering price. Participate in IPOs on favourable terms and with high allocation.

  • 64%

Average return on all recommended IPOs after the 93-day lock-up period

  • High allocation

IPO stocks are distributed evenly and in proportion to the amount of each customer’s application

  • $2000

Minimum application amount for each IPO, available to retail investors



4 Responses

  1. Sometimes they use the following divorce scheme: Often people are lured to the Mind-Money project – simply by calls and offers of big earnings on investments. They also use social networks, usually young girls are engaged in this business.

  2. Fraudsters!!! Never give in to persuasion, do not invest a penny! You won’t be able to take your money, no matter how many commissions, taxes, protective tariffs, etc. you would not pay in the hope of getting at least your investment back … high-class scammers, all names are fictitious, documents are forged left and right … DO NOT BELIEVE!!!

  3. This is a fake broker, they called me and offered to trade with them. I immediately started punching! In the end, I realized that this is a scam! Stay away from these clowns.

  4. This mind-money.eu gang has not one fake broker, but at least 8 pieces. The Mind-Money company is 100% fraudulent. The project was created in order to take possession of your money under the guise of promises of high returns on investment. When you invest a large amount, you will be merged, your account will be blocked, your application for withdrawal of money will be rejected, in general, they will find a thousand reasons not to withdraw your money. This is an anonymous garbage dump that has no registration, no license, no conscience.

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