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About company:

Wizz Capital is a Global internet brokerage and investment company where clients from all around the world are trading multiple financial asset categories from the comfort of their home.

We believe in following corporate values and strive to build strong relationships with our clients. We are committed to providing you the best of trading experience.

We believe in full transparency and taking a growth-oriented approach to keep bringing innovation. Forex exchange is simplified through our innovating trading platforms and clear pricing models. We also guarantee you data innovation security.

Our mission

Wizz Capitalstrives every day to offer its traders the best possible trading conditions on the market. It does this by investing in cutting-edge technology, researching new products and by investing in the training of both its traders and its staff.

Why to choose Wizz Capital?

  1. We offer you a wide range of financial products on many markets around the World while using leading technology and skilled experienced staff to provide you the best possible trading experience.
  2. We are committed to providing the highest standard of account security and supreme customer service.
  3. We provide you with advanced trading tools and technology, ensuring that each trader has the opportunity to reach their maximum trading potential.
  4. We don’t manage clients’ portfolios, nor do we engage in any form of trading consulting.

Trade with Wizz Capital and find out why so many traders call our brokerage their trading home.

Wizz Capital is extremely aware and mindful of its customers’ security and works hard to provide nothing but the best possible customer service.

  • Negative Balance Protection: Your accounts cannot go on minus, so you will never lose more money than what you have invested, even in cases of extraordinary volatility.
  • Careful Risk Management: Our trained financial teams ensure that our clients and business are never overly exposed to any monetary disruption. We are well-fit to handle market instability with no interference to our regular trading services.
  • Bank Accounts Segregations: All Wizz Capital’s client funds are separated from the company capital and they are kept in leading banks for maximal protection.

Open Your Wizz Capital Trading Account

With Wizz Capital you can trade cryptocurrencies, indices, shares, currency pairs and more with ease.
To apply for a live trading account, all you need to do is click the buttons below.



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  1. This lying bastard Valeria and her assistant, too, Valera, scammed my mother for 15 thousand, then they said another 15 thousand, and then they began to take out some man, I don’t remember the name, but I remember the last name and he even knew the amount of 140 thousand. He said pay the taxes, well, I transferred it and then after 10 minutes he said that he allegedly gave the wrong card number that I supposedly didn’t transfer them to another person and they ask for another 10 thousand, he supposedly said that he would give me a discount of 8500 thousand and then said something was wrong it turns out to make a discount of 8500 and asked for another 8500 but I didn’t translate that and they deceived me for 96 thousand. Scammers don’t believe them these idiots

  2. 120% scammers I allowed this and gave the bastards $ 1500. It is surprising that while the site is active of this garbage dump. For anyone will be punished sure

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