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One of the central features of Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches, recognized as a leader in the European car auction market, is complete transparency and free access to information about its business. As a prominent figure in the market, Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches ensures that all data about its operations are available to the general public. To learn more about this successful enterprise, its key advantages, and the services it offers, all you need to do is visit its official website. You’ll find an impressive amount of information on how this secure and reliable business operates, specializing in dealing with car auctions across Europe.

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  1. Delivery, as it was announced initially, a little more than two months. What is normal for a car from the states – while they clear customs, while they transport it across America itself.
    In short, I recommend. Guys are great.

  2. Finally, the delivery is complete, and I can enjoy my new acquisition. Buying this excellent car was very fast, but waiting for its arrival required a lot of patience – 29 days. Now that it’s finally mine, I can’t wait to experience all its capabilities on the roads.

  3. I studied the conditions in the company and realized that they suit me, because for the purchase I had to transfer 30% of the advance payment, after which the company buys the car of my choice at an auction in Europe and delivers it to me in OAE. Already before loading and sending me to the port of Jebel Ali, I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  4. I sent them documents and an advance payment for a ransom of -30%, and paid the remaining amount as the car was in line to be loaded and sent to me. Delivery to the port of Jeddah and paperwork took 29 days from the date of purchase of the car from the auction

  5. Land Rover Range Rover Sport, new car condition, with tinted windows, protective coating of the body. I signed a contract, paid 30% of the cost, delivery, and after 29 days I already picked up the car in the port of Jeddah

  6. After choosing a car, they prepared a contract for me, I read it, paid an advance payment. The next day, the manager bought a Porsche Panamera for me. Delivered to Abu Dhabi in 29 days.

  7. I bought a 2022 PORSCHE 911 with 1.238km through them. I paid 154000€ together with delivery and auction fee. Satisfied with cooperation with this company.

  8. I bought a Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 at auction for the car itself and paid 92,000 euros. Great price for this car.

  9. Several of my friends have already bought cars through them, all were satisfied. Delivery time to United Arab Emirates is approximately
    4 weeks.

  10. The quality of the car and the cost, everything was written in the contract at the conclusion. I was satisfied with everything.

  11. They offer good conditions, in fact. I compared several companies. This is probably the fastest. I understand that they just have more experience, perhaps there are agreements somewhere at the customs. The car was probably picked up within a week, but as a result of the auction, we managed to buy an AUDI RS6,2023,4.0 for 79999€

  12. I learned that they had been on the market for a long time, I learned that a lot of cars had already been brought. Read the reviews. Based on the positive reviews, I made my decision. I am waiting for the delivery of my MERCEDES-BENZ GLE63.

  13. The car is received, I am completely satisfied. Today I am the owner of a 2022 MERCEDES-BENZ G63, which was brought to me in early March.

  14. The contract is understandable – I paid the first installment – 30% of the cost of the car and the balance when loading the car onto a container ship and sending it to me as the owner.

  15. I am very glad that I was able to buy a car remotely. The whole buying process went smoothly and quickly – I signed the contract, paid the down payment and the car was purchased and ready to ship to me. The rest of the car was paid as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading onto the ship.

  16. Great guys! I have been using their services for many years! Always polite, attentive to my requests, everyone will prompt, tell, help me choose a car that would correspond to the quality and the price was free for me! Goodies! I recommend!

  17. So I waited, on March 1 I took the Mercedes-Benz C300 2023. The next day I registered it. I recommend the company.

  18. I want to thank the whole team for their help in purchasing a car from an auction in Europe. Why from an auction? Most importantly, you get real mileage and condition according to the auction list, for adequate money, and not the rubbish in 95% of cases that is sold on the domestic market.

  19. I bought an Audi from an auction in April. Everything was done well and in an organized manner. Always provided a very detailed photo report.

  20. This is my first time buying a car from an auction. I am pleased that I found this company, just a discovery for me. By car – Land Rover Defender, mileage 2500, year 2022, for a price with all costs, as a result, 75,000 euros came out.

  21. I bought a car from an auction before, but I applied to this company for the first time – on the advice of my brother. And I was not mistaken – I bought a car in my budget, and exactly the way I wanted, they delivered it, cleared it through customs. All liked it. Thank you!

  22. I heard before that their website has a good selection of cars, now I’m convinced of it myself. I bought myself a BMW M8 2022 volume-4.4, mileage 1.700km. Bought for 103,000 euros. Auto super!

  23. With a friend picked up a car on their website. Happy with the purchase!!! Despite the fact that prices have risen across the country, here you can buy a solid car for little money.

  24. Payment for the car was made only after receiving all the necessary transport documents and confidence in its readiness for loading onto the ship. The company flawlessly fulfilled its obligations

  25. Bought Bentley Bentayga 2021 4.0 for 145000€. The advance payment was 43500€. Great prices for cars on their website

  26. I liked working with the company, everything is simple and clear. The manager sent the contract remotely for signature, I signed it and sent it back along with the advance payment. Everything is fine. Already before being loaded onto the ship and sent to the port of Jeddah, I paid the remaining amount under the contract. Picked up my PORSCHE 911 yesterday. Thank you!

  27. I am a happy owner of a car that I bought at auction with the help of this company. The purchase went smoothly and efficiently. The remote conclusion of the contract and the payment of the advance payment were simple and convenient. After the purchase,

  28. Great company! A full translation of the auction list and photos of the machines are provided. Payment is clear. The car at the auction is paid directly by SWIFT transfer, everything is according to the contract.

  29. The car was found very quickly and purchased in three days. It was delivered to the port in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 26 days. No complaints about the condition!

  30. The Land Rover Range Rover, 2023, 3.0, cost me €143,000. Compared to our local prices, this is an excellent deal. The car arrived in perfect condition, with a very low mileage of just 1,604 km. The manager bombarded me with a bunch of uncomfortable questions, but always responded to me clearly and politely. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  31. I was pleasantly surprised when I bought a car with an absolutely honest history. It was a real find. I paid only 30% of its value for the car, and transferred the rest of the amount after the car was fully prepared for loading onto a ship and sending it to me. Well, you can say that I got my dream with minimal financial risks. Really happy with this purchase!

  32. We bought a car from Europe through this company six months ago and managed to deliver it to Egypt in 26 days, which was an excellent result.

  33. The company provided a loading report and transport documents, allowing me to confidently pay the remaining amount. My car arrived in perfect condition after 29 days on the car carrier.

  34. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer made the car-buying process easy and convenient. Adhering to delivery schedules on both the container ship and car transporter added even more reliability to this deal. My car was delivered in perfect condition.

  35. They brought a Mercedes-Benz G63. The car arrived 29 days after the contract was concluded. In fact, you sign an agreement, pay 30% of the cost of the car and wait. Before loading onto the ship, I paid the remaining amount for the car. Thank you very much for the car

  36. Car purchase and delivery are handled by professionals. Precision and smoothness in every task are the main principles. Here you can find the best offers! After a test drive, I found a 2022 MERCEDES-BENZ SL63 with a 4.0 engine.

  37. The fast delivery time on a container ship allowed me to receive the car earlier than expected and start using it right away.

  38. Professionals in their field – car purchase, delivery. All work is built clearly, harmoniously. Here are the best deals! Found MERCEDES-BENZ SL63,2022,4.0 after test drive

  39. Everything was quick, and I received comprehensive answers to all my questions. The actual condition of the car fully matched the description in the auction listing.

  40. I purchased the car through the company and was pleasantly surprised when I received it in perfect condition. Would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable supplier

  41. The wait for the car took 27 days from the moment of purchase at the auction. The payment scheme was very convenient – I made an advance payment and then the final amount after the car was shipped. I am completely satisfied with the quality of the car.

  42. Through this company, I have already purchased two cars. One of them was bought over a year ago. After the first purchase, I had no doubts that I would buy the second car through this company.

  43. A friend recommended this company, and after contacting me, I decided to buy. Everything went confidently and quite quickly. I bought the car at an auction literally the next day. I paid an advance payment for the purchase, and paid the remaining amount for the car before loading it onto a car transporter and sending it to Italy

  44. I made the payment for the car after buying it and sending it to the port. All settlement conditions were fair and transparent.

  45. The deal went well. The price of the car has not changed, installments with a down payment of 40%. Now I have a Land Rover Defender in my garage.

  46. my car was carefully prepared for shipment to me. I paid the rest of the amount and watched as my car went by ship directly to my port. Thank you so much for the professional service and for making this transaction so easy and enjoyable!

  47. Mercedes-Benz G63 2022 4.0, 3.300km. I bought for 130.000 euros. As he concluded the contract, he paid 39,000 for redemption at auction, the remaining amount was paid before loading onto the ship.

  48. We signed an agreement, made an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the cost of the car, paid the rest of the car as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading onto the ship. Well done!!!

  49. The fact that they work honestly, I myself was convinced of this and I have no complaints, I had my BMW X4m 2022 3.0 Benzin already 4 weeks later !!! Satisfied with the price paid for the car, paid by SWIFT transfer

  50. I have already made all the necessary payments/prepayments. Delivery time was announced at 4 weeks. I hope that is exactly what happens. I’ll try to update my review when I get the car.

  51. They delivered the purchased Mercedes-Benz SL63 to me in excellent condition and with the maximum equipment. The company is excellent, well done! I will be back soon for another purchase!

  52. I bought a Mercedes E63. All payments for delivery and the car itself were made in the cryptocurrency USDT. The company provided fast delivery.

  53. I can recommend it to everyone because I personally verified this company with the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz GLE63 for myself.

  54. Made the right choice! Paid for the car, shipping, auction fees, and picked up the car at the port in Jeddah after 4 weeks. Highly recommend. Wishing the company continued success.

  55. I signed a contract remotely, paid for the car with a SWIFT transfer, bought it out in 3 days, delivered it to the port of Jebel Ali in 26 days on a container ship.

  56. Everything went smoothly, the purchase, the delivery. We are pleased. I remotely signed the contract, made an advance payment, they bought the car, prepared it for shipment to me. Many thanks to the company!

  57. The deal with the company at the auction became a reality for me, and I am very pleased with the result. Payment with USDT cryptocurrency went smoothly and securely, and my car was delivered on time and in perfect condition.

  58. This company provided me with a reliable solution for purchasing a car at auction. Payment via SWIFT transfer and providing detailed loading reports made the whole process extremely comfortable. My car arrived on time and in excellent condition.

  59. My car was received at the port. The condition of the car fully corresponds to the photos. Soon, I plan to come back for another purchase.

  60. I want to thank the company for helping with the purchase and delivery of the car. The car arrived on time. I was satisfied with the work of the company and I advise everyone to buy through them!

  61. I am very glad that I turned to them for a car. Good managers, excellent service. I searched for a car for a long time and found their website. The cars are in excellent condition. Bought a Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2023 for 129,000 euros.

  62. The payment system at the auction, where it was necessary to make a 30% down payment when signing the contract and make the final payment before loading the car and sending it to me, turned out to be convenient and transparent.

  63. Finally, I got my long-awaited car! And it’s just superb! The quality is beyond praise, everything matches the description. Many thanks to the company for their help in purchasing and delivery. I recommend it to everyone looking for a quality car at a good price!

  64. The firm was recommended by my business partner. Advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, the rest of the amount when the car was loaded onto the ship and I was provided with documents for transporting my car from Europe!

  65. Everything is set up like clockwork, no unnecessary chatter, everything is clear. I tried unsuccessfully to buy a car with another company for 4 months, but the car was purchased the next day after depositing the money.

  66. I entered into a financing agreement, and everything was processed quickly. I made a down payment (40%) and finalized the contract for the car’s delivery to Lazio.

  67. Yesterday, the deal was completed in full. I was satisfied with the company’s work. In the end, I got the car 30% cheaper than the market price. At the same time, I spent minimal personal time. Highly recommend!

  68. This company provided me with a reliable solution for purchasing a car at an auction. Payment through SWIFT transfer and the provision of a detailed loading report made the entire process as comfortable as possible. My car arrived on time and in excellent condition.

  69. The company’s employees provided me with maximum support at every stage – from concluding a contract to receiving the car. Great service!

  70. I bought myself a Land Rover Range Rover 2023. The price with all costs like delivery, auction fee, customs clearance is 1,120,000 euros.

  71. I am very satisfied with my purchase of the car, because the payment process was very convenient and safe. I liked that I could pay only 30% of the cost of the car right away, and the remaining amount – after the car was ready for shipment.

  72. Before signing the contract, we discussed everything on terms and prices. We signed the contract and the process began. As a result, the deadlines were met in full and the prices too. There are no complaints.

  73. Professionals in their field. They will promptly and accurately bring you a car from Europe. The work is done on a turnkey basis. Their prices are well below the market.

  74. I contacted the company for a car, expecting a long and complicated process. However, in practice, everything turned out differently! After signing the contract, the managers immediately got to work and delivered the car in the shortest possible time. And surprisingly, the cost of delivery to the USA turned out to be much lower than I expected – only 3000 euros.

  75. Fast delivery! The guys are great, they delivered an almost new Mercedes-Benz G63 from Europe. The contract was fulfilled on time. I recommend it!

  76. This company provided an excellent service for purchasing a car at an auction. Payment using USDT cryptocurrency was quick and reliable. My car arrived right on time and fully met my expectations.

  77. The process of remote contract signing was surprisingly simple and convenient. Payment via SWIFT transfer is a secure method. My car arrived in excellent condition after 4 weeks on the container ship.

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