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About company European Auction Car Service:

European Auction Car Service, a leading company in its field, provides a full range of services including insurance, customs clearance and transport arrangements. Customers who value the quality and reliability of delivery of their vehicles choose European Auction Car Service as their preferred partner due to the high level of professionalism and reliability that the company provides.



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  1. Two cars have already been bought through the company. One was purchased over a year ago. After buying the first car, there was no doubt that we would also take the second car through this company. And so, in March bought a second car. I recommend this company!

  2. I signed a remote contract for the purchase of a car from an auction in my name and made an advance payment for the purchase in the amount of 30% of the cost of the car. Before loading the car on the ship, the balance for the car and delivery was paid. I recommend this company to everyone.

  3. Very quickly, the container arrived at the port of Jeddah – in 4 weeks. The car is in the stated condition. Thank you.

  4. The machine was received at the port of Jebel Ali. The car is in perfect order. Everything corresponds to the auction list. I’ll be back soon for a new purchase.

  5. Great company. Thanks for the Mercedes-Benz G63,2022,4.0 Benzin 2.650km. The condition of the car is excellent. Well saved!

  6. Everything is clear, everything is on time, everything is transparent, everything is competent! I want to express my deep gratitude for the work done, and wish the guys success, prosperity and patient customers! Next purchase – ONLY FOR YOU!

  7. If I order a car in the future, I will only recommend this company to my friends and acquaintances only in this company.

  8. I want to express my gratitude to the entire company for the clear and well-coordinated work. Very pleased with the final price of the car.

  9. Hello! A friend recommended me to contact this company. The car was selected and purchased relatively quickly. Delivered to Dubai in 4 weeks. As I made a contact, I paid 30% of the cost of the car, and the final payment was made upon loading my car onto the ship and sending it from the port.

  10. I approached buying a car for a long time and scrupulously, initially I didn’t even think about buying at European auctions, but after monitoring the secondary market for the model I was interested in, I didn’t find a decent car and decided to order it. The machine was satisfied as well as the price.

  11. I recommend the company as your professional assistant when buying a car! They helped me buy a great car – BMW IX 2023.

  12. Very pleased with the car, me and my wife. Next time, if I buy a car at a European auction, I will only buy through the company. Thanks to all!!!

  13. Good day. Another review on the next car, and as usual, only positive emotions. Thanks to the team for this service!

  14. Hi all. I paid 30% of the cost and 2500 € for the delivery of the Land Rover Defender to the port of Jeddah, before loading and sending it to me, I received all the documents, a confirmation photo at the port and then paid the remaining amount for the car. After 28 days, the car was taken away.

  15. The car was bought, the amount suits quite well. BMW X6,2021,3.0 Diesel 45000 Euro. It’s time to wait, which I honorably withstood! Before loading the car onto the ship, the final calculation was made. I liked buying a car from an auction!

  16. The maximum amount I expected was 130.000€. In the end, the car cost me 116.000€. I am very happy with the purchase, my wife and son are delighted.

  17. I ordered a car from an auction before, but I contacted this company for the first time – on the advice of my brother. And I think that I was not mistaken – I bought a car in my budget, and they brought it exactly the way I wanted, cleared it through customs. All liked it. Thank you!

  18. Hi all! I paid an advance upon signing the contract and the remaining amount after the car was loaded onto a container ship. It was very convenient and safe. I received my car in perfect condition and already enjoy it to the fullest!

  19. In the future, if I have the need to buy something else like this, I will definitely turn to this auction again!

  20. I am grateful to the company for the quality service and fast delivery. I recommend to anyone who wants to buy a car without unnecessary problems and delays!

  21. I checked all the documents so that the car was bought in my name and made the payment that remained on the car! Picked up the car last week.

  22. Delivery delay was 4 days. The car came technically sound, in factory paint, without damage. No complaints, everything is fine, you can cooperate

  23. I have a positive experience buying several cars this year! Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car! I can recommend on my own behalf!

  24. After the first successful experience, I ordered a car for my wife and everything went well.

  25. Thanks to the company, I was able to purchase a car from Europe on very favorable terms. I signed a contract remotely, paid an advance payment, bought a car, prepared it for shipment to me, I paid for the car and the car was sent to me. I bought it at a very reasonable price. I recommend, you won’t regret it.

  26. Cars for any wallet, picking up a car is not difficult. The car will be delivered without problems, in full accordance with the order. Everything will be done as it should be, competently and quickly.

  27. Everything is fine, I took the car and already checked it. Everything is in order, the car is not broken! No complaints!

  28. I’ve bought cars from this company twice now. First we bought an ASTON MARTIN DBX, we barely received the keys – and immediately ordered a PORSCHE CAYENNE for my wife! Delivery from the company on average 4 weeks

  29. I bought a car on the fourth day after the conclusion of the contract, for 4 weeks it went to the port of Jeddah, I took it from the port myself. All good!

  30. We made a deal quickly, and the car was soon also able to be picked up. Now this car fully meets our expectations.

  31. All communication was carried out through telegrams, I made an advance payment of 30% and after 28 days I had the car. What can I say..quickly! The car really came as it was originally stated, there were no problems with it, it is completely new on the outside, and there were no problems inside. I’ll tell people around you! Respect!

  32. A clear organization of work, adequate prices, polite employees, they never counted too much. The car was bought in installments. I can recommend the company!

  33. I bought a car from an auction in Europe through this company. If you want to buy a car from Europe, contact them, conscientious employees and car prices are much lower than the market.

  34. I am satisfied with everything, the transaction is legally fair! As I made a contact, I paid 30% of the cost of the car, and the final payment was made upon loading my car onto the ship. Upon receipt of the transport documents, I sent the remaining amount for my car

  35. I chose to buy a Land Rover Range Rover, 2023, 4.4, silver, with a mileage of 2000km. I bought it on the same day as the contract was concluded, paid by SWIFT transfer an advance payment of 30% of the cost of my Mercedes and paid the remaining amount for the car before sending it to Kuwait.

  36. After the conclusion of the contract and the prepayment, literally 4 weeks passed and our car arrived at the port for shipment to United Arab Emirates. Before sending, I paid the entire cost of the car. I picked up the car at the port of Jebel Ali. We look forward to further cooperation.

  37. Bought with the help of a car company. Arrived pretty quickly, which made me very happy. The car was in the same condition as in the photo, the same mileage, fair price.

  38. Universal payment system – 30% advance and the balance after sending my car to the port. I was able to plan the entire payment in the way that was convenient for me.

  39. The delivery time took 23 days and I was able to pick up my car at the port without any problems. The company provided excellent organizational support. Everything was organized clearly and without delay. Thank you for efficiency!

  40. Signed a contract for the purchase of a car at an auction remotely. All conditions were clear and detailed. The company coped with the purchase and shipment of the car impeccably. Satisfied with the result and professionalism of the team!

  41. Many thanks to the company for the delivery and support of the transaction for the purchase of a car at an auction. Promptly prepared and sent my car-Mercedes-Benz G63. The process was organized perfectly, thank you for the service!

  42. The car matched the description at the auction. I was pleasantly surprised that all the details and condition of the car fully match the information provided by the company. Transaction went smoothly, thank you so much!

  43. Received high quality service and support. I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner to buy cars at auctions.

  44. Ali picked up his 2023 Land Rover Range Rover 3.0 at Jebel Port yesterday. Mileage 3.658km. Bought for 133.000€. Very happy with the purchase. I advise everyone.

  45. Through the Internet, I found a company that delivered a Mercedes-Benz S400 in excellent condition within 27 days to France for, and all expectations were met.

  46. European Auction Car Service pleased us with their work! The manager was very attentive and always arrived on time. They also accompanied us at every stage of the transaction, from the conclusion of the contract to the purchase of the car. As a result, we have become regular customers. Their service was top notch.

  47. The company delivered my car to me quickly. Everything was done quickly and at reasonable prices. For delivery to Marseille paid 2000 euros

  48. Due to settlements in cryptocurrency, risks and commissions can be minimized, which makes this method of transactions attractive.

  49. This company has become my reliable partner in car purchasing. I acquired a Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 for an excellent price. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

  50. Several of my acquaintances have already used this company’s services to buy cars, and they have all been satisfied. The delivery time from Europe to the United Arab Emirates took about 4 weeks.

  51. I successfully purchased a MERCEDES-BENZ AMG GT53, a 2022 model with a 3.0 engine, using cryptocurrency for payment. The car was delivered to the Jebel Ali port in just 28 days.

  52. Very pleased with the condition of the car received from the auction. Salon and body are fully consistent with the description. The company provided all necessary documents and information. The transaction was successful, thanks for the excellent work!

  53. My car arrived on a car carrier in 29 days, which was quite fast considering the distance. I’m glad I chose this company.

  54. Made an advance payment (made only a third of the required amount). The remaining 70% was paid when the car was ready for loading onto a car to be sent to me in Qatar

  55. My wife and I decided to buy a car from an auction in Europe, for a long time I was looking for a suitable company on the Internet, we thought where to turn. A friend brought several cars through these guys and, after consulting with him, we decided that we would order through this company! I will say that the term of the contract is not violated! We received the car last week, the documents are in place, we are happy with everything!

  56. Today in the port of Jebel Ali received his MercedesCLS350. The best service for buying cars from European auctions! I recommend!

  57. Outstanding service for purchasing a car from an auction. I paid a deposit when signing the contract, and they provided a loading report and transport documents. Payment of the remaining amount went smoothly. The car was delivered on a car carrier in 29 days, and it was organized and punctual.

  58. I am very pleased with my purchase of a car from a European auction through this company. The entire process was very convenient and straightforward. I was able to remotely sign the contract and make the payment via SWIFT transfer to the auction’s account. It was great that I could pay the deposit when signing the contract, which was only 30% of the car’s price. The company provided me with a loading report and transport documents, and only after that did I pay the remaining amount for the car. The delivery on a container ship took just 4 weeks, which was very fast. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and recommend this company to anyone looking to buy a car at a European auction.

  59. I recommend all my friends to buy through the company if they want an almost new car and to save money. I’ll be back with them in a couple of years.

  60. I recommend. It’s nice to work with decent, thorough people who do their work in good conscience, and not just like.

  61. When purchasing the car, I had to wait for four weeks. The car is in my garage now, and there are currently no issues. I want to emphasize that the whole process was honest. The key thing is for the car to be available at the auction.

  62. My acquaintances tipped me off about this company, and after contemplating for 2 months, I decided to buy a Porsche Panamera. Everything was organized excellently: car selection, down payment, and receiving the car in Bahrain within 25 days.

  63. At the beginning of July, I signed a contract and decided that it would be more advantageous for me to buy a European car through this company than directly from an Egyptian dealership. Many thanks for such attractive prices and conditions. I raise my hand in gratitude.

  64. I bought myself a Land Rover Defender, 2023,5.0 with a mileage of 1.605km. Great car. I paid 81.000€ for it Delivered in 4 weeks to Oman

  65. I am very grateful to you that they advised me this particular car, my whole family is happy with the purchase, thank you very much from my whole family. Next time I will only buy from you.

  66. When the car was kicked out of the container, I was amazed at its condition. There were no complaints about anything. Thank you very much!!

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