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The popularity of digital money is growing every day. There are different ways to get the desired coin, but it would be best to use the services of professional trading platforms. The list of honest companies includes the world-famous exchange HitBTC. The platform is in the lists of trading luminaries of the crypto space. She has a long history and vast experience. It appeared on the market in 2013 with a starting capital (in the form of investments) of about $6 million. Information about the work of the company often appears in the media. Articles are published in Finance Yahoo, Cointelegraph and DigitalJournal. The exchange has created its own product – this is a highly functional API. The idea has concentrated a maximum of usefulness for the site developers.



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  1. SCAM (i think they are behind the loose oof my funds)

    It is supossed that 2FA is a secure method for an exchange.

    Someone login on my account with an ip from the other side of the world, deactivated the 2FA (i received a confirm email to deactivate but HITBTC also ignores the lack of confirm) and withdraw all my funds.

    And the explanation for that from HITBTC …… silence, they dont answer my request.

  2. Stay away from this exchange, seriously. If you want to see how bad it is, just look around in their forum. They constantly have problems with withdrawals, deposits, and transfers, and their customer support is, for all purposes, non-existent. Whatever they’re doing, it looks very shady, especially this “transfer” thing between main account and trading account. After my withdrawal had been stuck in “pending” for 5 days, I said enough. As soon as I could I converted all my money to a coin that could be withdrawn and got all my money out. Their nice UI, low fee, and good trading options are just not worth the fear and uncertainty, that any day now if something bad happens, then your money will be gone for good because you can’t withdraw it.

  3. I though I was sending ETH to my HitBTC ETH wallet but instead, I sent it to my HitBTC DENT wallet. My bad!!! I opened a service ticket and they got my ETH back to me safe and sound. Thanks HitBTC Support Team.

  4. It took over 2 months for support to remove my 2-factor authentication! I had to submit my verification photos multiple times, and I submitted a second support ticket because the first one was taking WAY too long. These guys are either very understaffed or unprofessional. I will definitely try to avoid using Hitbtc in the future out of fear of running into an issue and not being able to have it resolved in a timely manner.

  5. Terrible experience can’t even get 2fa with e mail confirmation and can’t even withdraw my coins as I want to leave this horrible exchange with my money

  6. I have given more than 300 people via affiliate marketing but till date I haven’t received any affiliate payment which I supposed to get. I have raised many tickets for same but I always Recived answer is they are working it and solve issue as soon as possible, and it’s been 6 months now.
    Looks like you guys are cheating people via affiliate program. Very frustrating.

  7. Please kindly disable my 2FA login access since i have lost that feature as i lost my phone. Kindly delete and let me login with my password or sms code also. I want to get access to my account and continue enjoying your great trading service. I have some money in my wallet also.

  8. I have been trading at HitBTC a view times now. What I think is a pity is the fact that I never can exchange my whole amount on coins. There are always some coins that stay behind unsellable because the amount is too small. I think it would be fair if I could sell all of my coins.



    I’ve recently been victim of HITBTC shady KYC/AML practices so I will describe precisely how this exchange arbitrarily freezes user accounts.

    How does actually HITBTC attracts new victims?

    * By declaring UNLIMITED deposits and withdrawals.
    * No limits details for GENERAL or VERIFIED accounts. Btw even their rebate system is dysfunctional.
    * No details about the limits for verified or unverified accounts.
    * Declaring “It might take from 3 to 5 business days to get your account verified”

    What happens when you try to withdraw?

    * HITBTC completely freezes your account. You will not be able to withdraw nor trade.
    * Support will ignore your tickets unless you will spam all over the internet about the issue.
    * If you will be lucky enough and get response from the support you will be asked to provide KYC/AML documents.
    * On any other exchange support would request ALL needed KYC/AML documents in 1 email. But HITBTC is really unique – they will request 1 or 2 documents per email per week.
    * The KYC/AML document requests are often opaque and repetitive.
    * If you will be even more lucky and you bite through “introductory KYC/AML procedure” you will be asked to prove source of funds – transaction by transaction. Very often it’s impossible to get transaction details.
    * Of course such practice is clear attempt for embezzlement.


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