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Address: First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, P.O. Box 1574, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

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About company:

InvestGT is a global broker with the highest reliability rating. Your trusted provider of quotes and services.

Industry leader

One of the first, providing its clients with the opportunity of online trading in the global forex market in 1998, the group of companies has come a long way in the development of financial markets in the world, which has allowed not only to become the leader of the global industry, but also to be included in the FTSE 250 today Index and be among the top 200 companies in the UK. InvestGT is part of a group of companies that dates back to 1974 and has a market capitalization of over $3.5 billion (as of May 31, 2018) and thanks to the company’s high turnover, we provide clients with low commission services.

“We constantly strive to improve quality standards even beyond the requirements of regulators, which allows our customers to enjoy one of the best services in the world and not worry about the safety of their money.“

Investments available to everyone

By providing Internet trading services in 1998, financial markets became available to almost the whole world. Since then, interest from both investors and traders has been continuously growing. We try to take into account the interests of customers from all over the world, developing various directions. That’s why in 2014 we created the InvestGT brand by implementing European quality of work, pricing, reliable order execution and innovative trading tools to enable clients to succeed in trading in the world’s most important markets. We always strive to be closer to you.



4 Responses

  1. This is the most banal pyramid. Guaranteed interest rates of return, and from 60% per annum – all these are the clearest signs that InvestGT works like the most ordinary financial pyramid.

  2. Well, what’s the point of investing in such companies if the result is always the same? This is a complete drain of money down the drain. Financial pyramid schemes have never been distinguished by some kind of honesty and transparency, but on the contrary, they have always been cunning, deceiving people’s money out of their own pockets.
    Someone through phone calls, someone just promising fabulous wealth, someone else. In general, you need to know one thing – investing in financial pyramids is not recommended. And yes, why did I suddenly start talking about financial pyramids? Because this company belongs to the type of such organizations. Let’s look at this project from the point of view of logic and reason. Here they offer an income of 5% monthly. How much will it be in annual terms? From 60% to unthinkable 100%. Do you think this is possible? According to the website, this sharaga has been operating for 20 years and more. It turns out their founders themselves should already be turning billions, why would they accept an investment of 100 bucks from a sucker?
    But I don’t believe that this is possible. Because as far as I know, the term of the pyramids, which offer such a high percentage, has a very short life. We can conclude that now investing here is not the best idea, because every day the probability that you will go to the site and it will not work is higher and higher. Pyramids don’t live forever. And judging by the marketing, this is already a half-dead beast that is about to die. From the point of view of adequacy and reason, investing here is the most stupid idea that you can come up with in the investment environment.

  3. It is strange to see “laudatory” reviews about them on different resources, some even deserved my trust. Apparently InvestGT did not spare the money they grabbed to pay for their “good” reputation. But you can’t hide from ordinary human comments! So, this is pure water! They let you play stock trading a little, but the result is simple – there is no conclusion. They don’t even let you take the money. I suspect that once upon a time (they have been around for about 3-4 years) they were still allowed to withdraw, and the site functioned like a hype, but today it is already a pyramidal system of divorcing citizens, a kitchen with all the “equipment” for pumping money. I myself got on the money with them – the month before last I registered, deposited $ 300 into the account, but my work did not last very long – half a month they showed that it was unprofitable to work, I saw no point in reporting the money. I wanted to take the balance of $ 100, but they did not let me withdraw it under various pretexts. Since then, I have been following them, trying to unsubscribe on all available reviews, my comments are often deleted. If you managed to read – do not make a mistake, do not register!

  4. the company is lying about licenses, they are actually not even regulated, it is also unclear what the office does anyway, whether it is trading, or investments through trust management, or whether it is 2 in 1.

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