Why trade with us?

We are constantly striving to be the best, which means that we will never stop offering new ways to make trading easier. Our registration is best in class which means opening an account has never been easier. If you are from Norway or Sweden, you can even register and trade using BankID. If you are new to trading, we created COIN-TO Trade Assistant to help you place your first trade.

  • Intuitive. Fast. Powerful.
  • Transparency
  • Legal regulation
  • We work 24 hours a day
  • 10+ technical indicators
  • Multiple charts
  • Trade Assistant
  • Low fees



4 Responses

  1. Bubble Collector!!! There is no real trading on their site. He mainly traded CFDs on stocks, the broker does not bring to the real market, trading inside the site. Anyway, this trading option is practiced by many platforms and has a good reputation. But when it comes to the fact that the site just specifically cuts deals using fake quotes, it becomes clear that this is a common scammer. I lost 1460 dollars here. I could not withdraw anything.

  2. Questionable site. The broker seems very attractive at first sight, but after registration it turns out that it is simply impossible to trade here with OrionBit. Due to constant delays and unavailability of the platform, transactions freeze, and then positions are closed under completely different conditions. I suspect that the broker is manipulating quotes. Quotes are significantly different from the market. Testing OrionBit cost me 100 bucks, I could not withdraw anything.

  3. OrionBit seems to offer favorable conditions, but it will not work to make money on the site, and even more so to withdraw money from here. Virtual profit is the only thing that pleased me with this sharaga. Topped up the balance by $500. For the first two weeks $170. Throughout the time, I was actively imposed on the analyst. His recommendations led to the actual zeroing of the account. With the help of a manager, my balance was $90. But even these pennies are not allowed to be withdrawn. The application is not confirmed.

  4. The OrionBit brokerage platform provides a minimum of information about itself and the parameters of servicing traders. Data on the country and date of registration, licensing are not indicated. It is known that the trading platform provides access to such trading assets as: currency, securities, stock indices, goods, crypto assets. The broker uses the author’s trading terminal OrionBit Trader. Cooperation with OrionBit is possible after a detailed acquaintance with the conditions of the broker, the study of legal documents for the right to provide brokerage services. The real reviews of traders, as well as the opinions of independent financial experts on the safety of using the services of this agent, will help to assess the reliability of the site.

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