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Overton Partners Ltd


Website: https://www.overtonpartnersltd.com/

Phone: +442081573000;

Address: –

Email: [email protected]

About company:


Trade with the best and learn from them

Thousands of financial instruments within just a click

One of the market’s most efficient and secure trading platforms

Negative balance protection and segregated funds

Small group of pro traders, assistance and help from account managers and financial advisors

Multilingual, professional and personalized support service

Weekly digests, daily news, trading signals live

Diversify your trading portfolio, avoid unnecessary risks and maximize profits. Forex pairs, indices, commodities or stocks – it is up to you to decide.


Thosands of various assets from international exchanges available in Webtrader

Forex pairs: 2,500

Stocks and Indices: 40,000+

Сommodities: 100+

  • Trading platform, best of the kind, to create successful trading experience
  • Graphs, tables, charts to personalize your account
  • Personalized watchlist
  • Quick assets search
  • Just a couple of clicks to open a position
  • Tools, indicators, technical analysis to develop most sophisticated trading strategies

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Our goal is to become world’s leading online trading company.


We’re focused on changing people’s financial situation. We offer online trading products and services helping them to change it. Every day is a challenge: we provide online services which make trading available to everyone.


Overton Partners business model stands on three pillars. These are ethics, passion and professional approach. Here are our key values:

  • Customer first
  • We act as one entity
  • Being different is OK
  • Doing the right things pays
  • Excellence is worth time and efforts spent
  • Everyone deserves to know the truth



5 Responses

  1. So I climbed through the personal account of this Overton Partners. I never found a demo mode, and there was no desire to invest at least 5,000 pounds sterling, so it didn’t come to real trading and checking how orders were executed. In general, it doesn’t matter, since the broker does not even look like a safe intermediary, but looks exactly like a Forex scam. By the way, the personal account here is simple, just a couple of options, this is verification, editing personal data. The platform is simple, there are no special options. Those who would like to scalp, forget it, auto traders can also pass by here. Many options that Metatrader has are not even mentioned here. The platform is shorter in span. And in general, there’s nothing to catch on, I didn’t find any real reasons to trade here, any pluses and merits. Naturally, I did not leave my data, not a fool. I can’t recommend this company, they suck. 1 point out of a million, if not zero.

  2. Any adequate trader who looks at the trading conditions offered by Overton Partners will twist his finger to his temple and close the site. Here you don’t even need to pay attention to the fact that the company’s activities are illegal, that it has no insurance, that 90% of the necessary documents are missing, that details are not indicated, and so on. That is, in terms of reliability, this is complete garbage. And it is enough to see this size of the minimum deposit, this description of account types, not to find a specific specification of contracts with all spreads, swaps, commissions, in order to refuse to trade in this trash can. Really, because there is not even a demo. I read reviews on the Internet, people who have registered here and planned to trade write that the broker does not even allow opening a demo account. Well, how to work with such a pseudo-broker?

  3. If this company indicated liquidity providers, or at least that the broker hedges clients’ positions with a larger intermediary, I would also consider trading with Overton Partners. But since this information is not available, it means that the company works on a 100% B-Book, they will execute traders’ orders themselves, and they themselves are a counterparty, which means that trading on its platform is pointless, because the company simply will not let you earn, and if you even if you can do it, you will still not be allowed to withdraw. Either they will come up with 100,500 excuses, or in the end they will block the account and start ignoring it. This is how kitchens work. They do not exist for a long time, sooner or later they are closed. I was also surprised by the descriptions of the types of accounts where the company guarantees a certain profitability per month. Here is a complete violation of the laws, and the clearest signs of a scam. In short, stay away from Overton Partners.

  4. No need to trade with companies like Overton Partners. This is the part of the forex market that belongs to scammers. You all know that in Forex more than 90% of companies are pathetic scammers who try to show themselves as a reliable Forex intermediary through which you can trade and earn money, but in reality they just collect money from people, pocket them, and, well, on this is like everything. So, firms like this one are outright crooks, they don’t bring your trades to real liquidity, they don’t engage in hedging, there is no REAL market, but there are only artificial trades in which the trader either does not trade at all, as he is scammed immediately, or the broker trades against it. So that you understand more why it is impossible to trade here – when you earn, the broker will lose, and in order for the broker to earn, you need to lose. Now you understand the essence of why I do not recommend trading in firms such as Overton Partners? Because you are here with a 100% chance of not earning anything. That’s all.

  5. This pathetic parody of a broker was born at the end of December 2022. And unfortunately, I fell for this scam, and so stupidly that I myself am ashamed to write it. It’s good that comments here can be left anonymous. Under my real name, I would never embarrass myself like that. Let me briefly tell the story. In general, I registered on this site, like a fool, I also indicated real contact details, my phone number and mail. Then a person called me, on the same day, he introduced himself as an account manager for Overton Partners, and offered to trade. I said that I don’t have that much money for a deposit (for a deposit of 5,000 pounds), he said that he could lower this threshold for me personally to 1,000, or how much I have. I agreed to 1000, he sent me the address of the bitcoin wallet for transfer, I transferred bitcoins there, that’s all. I couldn’t get through to the phone anymore, there was nothing in my personal account, bitcoins flew away. This is how I said goodbye to $1,000. Take someone else’s experience and use)

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